Organik Records is a professional project studio and live sound service provider located in Buena Park California.
We can gladly handle any project you might have, from the simplest demo to the most complex album.
Our goal is quality without compromising creativity, at a rate even the most budget minded musician can afford.

We also do audio production for Get Fancy! Video Productions and associate sound design for Sound Advice LLC.

  1. BulletUp to 64+ tracks

  2. Bullet24bit (96kHz)

  3. BulletCD Mastering

  4. BulletCD One-Offs

  5. BulletAudio for Video Post

  6. BulletLocation Recording

  7. BulletInstrument & Soft Synth Inventory

  8. Bullet32 Channel 4000 watt live PA


since 1997

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