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Corporate America controls the media and we get manufactured news.
Corporate America now controls the voting machines and we get manufactured elections.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. "
- Margaret Mead - US anthropologist & popularizer of anthropology (1901 - 1978)


Election Fraud Beginner's Guide

What's Wrong with the News?
Learn How the Broadcast News Media Deceives You!
The 14 Characteristics of Fascism - flash video
Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression
Media manipulation - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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KERRY PREPARING GROUNDS TO UNCONCEDE (Thread 2) from shraby on DU (12/26)
Kerry Files Motion to Protect Ohio Vote Evidence By William Rivers Pitt (12/27)
Ohio GOP election officials ducking subpoenas as Kerry enters stolen vote fray by Bob Fitrakis (12/28)
Background on New Action by Kerry/Edwards in Federal Court (12/27)
Documentation that Kerry Won Ohio; (the recount will prove it) from berniew1 on DU (12/9)
Proof of Ohio Election Fraud Exposed By William Rivers Pitt (12/15)
Was the 2004 Election Stolen? By Joel Bleifuss (12/10)
Saudis, Enron money helped pay for US rigged election
By Wayne Madsen (11/25)
More on the buying of electoral fraud by the Bush campaign by Wayne Madsen (11/26)
Votergate: More details emerge
By Wayne Madsen (11/30)
Texas to Florida: White House-linked clandestine operation paid for "vote switching" software
By Wayne Madsen
EXPOSÉ: THE “CHRISTIAN” MAFIA By Wayne Madsen (2/12/05)
ALERT: Madsen story strong/incomplete, WE HAVE AFFIDAVIT from rawstory on DU (12/6)
WHISTLEBLOWER AFFIDAVIT: Programmer Built Vote Rigging Prototype at Republican Congressman's Request! (12/6)
In interview, programmer details what led him to file vote-rigging affidavit from bluelemur (12/7)
Wayne Madsen sent me an email about his fraud article..here's what he says (11/28)
Q&A w/ Wayne Madsen on Vote Rigging here on DU! (11/28)
Jeff Fisher / Madsen / CybernetGroup / FBI
(tin foil hat time? you decide! 11/27)
Voting errors tallied nationwide - Boston Globe (12/1)
Grand Theft Election
by Wayne Madsen (11/05)
20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA by Angry Girl (12/3)
The Ever Bolder Republican Plan To Keep Black Ballots Out of the Count (12/3)
Another Election Held and Another Election Stolen - justaflyonthewall (12/3)
Voters to challenge US election - Julian Borger in Washington, The Guardian (12/1)
Does not compute by Alan Waldman : Watchdogs want to know: Did every vote count? (12/5)
BREAKING NEWS: Glibs to Recount NM and NV!! (11/29)
Video of a drunken repub at the White House admitting to voting fraud from Melodybe on DU (11/29)
The real FRAUD was voter SUPRESSION! from JohnnyCougar on DU (11/30)
Former Bush campaign official indicted for phone-jamming (12/1)
The Stealing of An Election and Actionable Fraud (12/1)
RNC Whistleblower? (12/2)
The New American Democracy By Ronnie Dugger from Alliance for Democracy (12/2)
How Democrats Enabled Republicans To Steal the 2004 Presidential Election By J. F. Miglio (12/2)
Kiev? What about Cleveland? By Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.
"You Stole My Vote" 51 Capital March SUNDAY, DECEMBER 12TH 2004 at Noon Everywhere!
Top 14 "machine error" states all had red shift (pro-Bush surprise) by whowantstobeoccupied on du (11/26)
What Were the Odds That Bush Would Win? by Alan Waldman (11/25)
election Fraud summary and actions by sweetroxie on DU (11/28)
Did Dubbya rig the election? by Michael Meacher (11/29)
A Beginner’s Guide to the 2004 Vote Fraud (11/25)
Why We Must Not "Get Over It" on DU (12/2)
The BEST of the DU Analyses from IndyOp on DU (12/1)
A statistical analysis of voting results in three battleground states hit us like a wicked shot of moonshine
44 Percent of Hispanics Voted for Bush? By Ruy Teixeira (11/24)
Observations on politics and society by Joseph Cannon (11/27)
Gallup Poll: Mandate? WHAT mandate? posted by carolab on DU (11/30)
2004 U.S. Election controversies and irregularities - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (Excellent!)
Another Rigged Election? The Elephant in the Voting Booth - by Maureen Farrell
Voting irregularities index "winners": AZ, GA, LA, OH, PA, NM, FL, DC, CO by whowantstobeoccupied on du (11/26)
Stolen Election. America Hijacked. - by Chuck Muziani
To believe that Bush won the election, you must also believe... - by TruthIsAll
Part II: To believe Bush won the election, you must also believe... - by TruthIsAll
PART III: To believe that Bush won the election, you must also believe: - by TruthIsAll
Part IV. To believe Bush won the election, you must also believe…- by TruthIsAll (3/28/05)
We are being asked to believe the unbelievable...a B* win by texpatriot2004 on DU (11/30)
Bush won in 2000 and 2004 by preventing blacks from voting. by Eric J in MN on DU (11/28)
Math, not conspiracy theory - election results that defied all odds, how do you explain that?
Stolen Election - Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA 8th)
"First of all, this election was definitely rigged" -Mark Crispin Miller
Let’s Get Real - Mark Crispin Miller

Evidence Mounts That The Vote Was Hacked - by Thom Hartmann (MUST READ!!!!)
How To Take Back A Stolen Election by Thom Hartmann (11/30)
The Ultimate Felony Against Democracy - by Thom Hartmann
123 allegations of voter fraud from around the nation - vote2004.eriposte.com
2004 COLLECTED VOTE FRAUD STORIES - WhatReallyHappened.com
Over 31,000 incidents of voter fraud reported - Election Incident Reporting System
'Lowdown tricks' sap poll-watcher's faith in fair U.S. voting (11/23)
Ballot and Voting Issues Arising in Battleground States -Lawsuits, investigations, and proceedings (11/20)
2000 FL: Double-punched/butterfly; 2002 GA: Diebold; 2004 FL: Optiscam by TruthIsAll on DU (11/20)
How the Grinch stole the White House . . . again By Alan Waldman (11/20)
"It's all over but the counting -- and we'll take care of the counting." - Buzzflash (11/21)
The Top 10 Conservative Idiots (No. 178) on Democratic Underground - read #5 & #10 (11/21)
This is what I believe... by TruthIsAll on DU (27 VERY important links - 11/18)
ELECTION FRAUD 2002 - Will we ever learn? on WhatReallyHappened.com (11/21)
Fascism Anyone? - Laurence W. Britt
Did Bush Lose the Election?by Margie Burns, Baltimore Chronicle (11/22)
Litigating the Election By Marjorie Cohn (11/22)
Just released: GAO to investigate voting irregularities by pointoflight on DU (11/23)
14 House Dems Demand GAO Election Probe by Matthew Cardinale (11/24)
Worst Voter Error Is Apathy Toward Irregularities - by Donna Britt, Washington Post
THIS IS BIG: House members ready to contest election if 1 Sen will join in by genius on DU (11/23)
Bush's 'Incredible' Vote Tallies - by Sam Parry, Consortiumnews.com
ReDefeat Bush - Excellent site!
Evidence of Electoral Fraud in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election: A Reading List - by Michael Keefer
Rule by Theft "ElectionGate"- Reconstructing the Crime - by The Black Commentator
Shades of Jim Crow: Election Intimidation 2004 - Revolutionary Worker (rwor.org)
AN EXCELLENT FRAUD SUMMARY! - from http://www.bopnews.com
Votergate 2004? Research Studies Uncover Potential Massive Election Fraud.
The League of Women Voters is deeply concerned about voting irregularities in the 2004 election.
That curious Bush family election night video.
Election result analysis for Florida, Pennsylvania, and Nevada
Did lawyer-observers on Election Day miss fraud incidents?
American Coup II
[UPDATE] This Election is Not Over -- Kerry could win WITHOUT proving fraud.
Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project: Flip-Flop, Flip-Flop, Flip-Flop
Mathematical proof that TV network polling results are FRADULENT
What is a fraud audit? . 'We Have Truth'..Update from BlackBox site
Help Is On The Way -Implications Of A Stolen Election by Eli Beckerman
MoveOn.org - Investigate the Vote
Robbed 2004 - Stolen Election
INDEPENDENT mathematicians,statisticians et al: Critique the probabilities
Voting Irregularity List - votersunite.org
Bush Campaign Accused of Suppressing Black Vote
George Bush's 8 Million New Votes Found – A STATISTICAL ANALYSIS
Steal votes. Discredit exit polls. Eliminate exit polls. Steal more votes.
Theft of the Presidency
Going Down the Stolen Election Road?
The Long Shadow of Jim Crow: Voter Intimidation and Suppression in America Today
Counted Out - disenfranchising minority voters in swing states
Millions Blocked from Voting in U.S. Election
Bullies at the Voting Booth
We Know it was Stolen...
Hey Right Wingers, This Ain't 2000 Anymore
Do We Still Have a Democracy?
Voting Files Manually Edited - Finding Proof
Votergate 2004; We Don't Need Paper to Prove Fraud, But We Do Need Money and Leadership, NOW.
The Republican Party will never lose another election.
Voting in the USA: A Tale of Two Brothers
Worse Than 2000?
Four unspinnable crucial questions on voter fraud.
Kerry Won - Greg Palast
Election 2004: "Sour Grapes" or Voter Fraud
FIXED: The Stealing of Another Election
What Mandate?
Election 2004: Lingering Suspicions
The Perfect Storm? from Patsy Stone on DU (12/5)
Request for the fraud deniers that visit the DU forum from RaulVB (12/5)
Greg Palast Investigation called in gets widespread on DailyKOS (12/5)
Was The 2004 Election Legitimate? - Democracy Now! (12/10)
Bush's popular vote margin now barely 3 million from NewYorkerfromMass on DU (12/12)
Washington Post actually shows how fraud took place from RaulVB on DU (12/10)
View this graph: The weighted state national polling trend was to Kerry. from TruthIsAll on DU (12/12)
View this graph: Kerry probabilties were rising in the battleground states from TruthIsAll on DU (12/12)
View this graph. And remember: undecided ALWAYS break FOR the challenger. from TruthIsAll on DU (12/12)
View this graph. And remember, incumbents wih 48.5% approval always LOSE from TruthIsAll on DU (12/12)
Evidence Dramatically Raises Suspicion of Election Tampering from proudtobeadem on DU (12/12)
Area activists demand FBI probe - Lowey supports investigation of Election Day fraud by Adam Stone (12/12)
smoking gun on Blackwell, Bush, and diebold from AnIndependentTexan on DU (12/12)
Election fraud or just suspicions? by Theodore D. Graves (12/12)
Sham election has united liberals (12/14)
Theft of the Election, Redux. - Buzzflash (12/15)
Documented vote machine fraud in swing states explains vote "swing" by berniew1 (12/22)
Ohio electoral fight becomes 'biggest deal since Selma' as GOP stonewalls by Bob Fitrakis (12/22)
Responses for people who insist on ignoring Election Fraud from dzika (12/22)
Conyers says more than one Senator will join to contest election on Jan. 6 from Faye on DU (12/22)
A Mainstream Media Voice & an ES&S Whistleblower from George W. Hayduke on DU (12/22)
Certifiable election results by Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D. (12/19)
PUNCHES, TOUCHSCREAMS,OPTISCAMS: Exit Poll Deviations vs. Machine Problems from TruthIsAll on DU (12/22)
Electors across US break traditional pro forma ritual to use electoral college to protest election (12/18)
Kerry to Enter Ohio Recount Fray By William Rivers Pitt (12/23)
Lawsuit summary: Ohio from kevin_pdamerica on DU (12/24)
For Any Vote Fraud Doubter by Jack Dresser, Ph.D. (12/24)
No Holiday for Vote Thieves by The Black Commentator (12/23)
Internet Vote Fraud: Means, Motive, and Opportunity - Bellaciao (12/28)
Documentation: widespread vote machine fraud and dirty tricks in 20 states from berniew1 on DU (1/24/05)
WATCH NOW - Election Fraud 2004 Compilation Video by DU Members from Faye on DU (1/25/05)
Arkansas in 2004: Did Bush Really Win? by Max Standridge (1/24/05)
OAF OF OFFICE by Greg Palast (1/20/05)
‘The Battle goes on’: An exclusive interview with Congressman Conyers and Raw Story (1/20/05)
Congressman Conyers 102-page report from Judiciary Committee Democrats from pennyman on DU (1/25/05)
??? How in the Hell can this be attributed to people wanting * for prez from KaliTracy on DU (1/25/05)
Nobel Peace Prize nominee: Bush re-election may end the human race from NAO on DU (1/25/05)
Why We Must Question Our Elections By Arlene S. Ash, Ph.D. (1/17/05)
RED SHIFT: 2.5 million votes lost by Kerry from TruthIsAll on DU (1/25/05)
Small vote manipulations can swing elections by Anthony Di Franco, Andrew Petro, Emmett Shear, Vladimir Vladimirov (1/20/05)
Kerry Criticized election Outcome at MLK breakfast!! from meganmonkey on DU (1/17/05)
* (bush) is officially, "legally", beyond the law from nmoliver on DU (1/16/05)
Faking Democracy: Americans Don't Vote, Machines Do, & Ballot Printers Can't Fix That by Lynn Landes (4/06/04)
"*" "victory" impossible. Contradicts US historic voting patterns (1/25/05)
Greg Palast & Jesse Jackson: JIM CROW RETURNS TO THE VOTING BOOTH (1/25/05)
Eye on Ohio: The Informed Citizen's Guide to the 2004 Election (1/28/05)
Exit Polls Made Easy - Something's fishy, and it ain't just Ohio by Gary Beckwith (1/31/05)
Rethinking Recounts by NVMojo on DU (2/15/05)
Quick summary of 2004 Election Fraud! from PeacePatriot on DU (2/20/05)
Interview details YEARS of election fraud, media & Mitofsky complicity from Amaryllis on DU (2/19/05)
Gannon scoop shows White House Forged TANG/CBS memos?!?! from Chicago1 on DU (2/20/05)
Amazing video: Fitrakis at election fraud teach in (Santa Monica) - Liberty Belle on DU (3/28/05)
Democratic National Committee Announces Ohio Election Review Team from madfloridian on DU (03/04/05)
Rigged Aggregator Codes revealed: how the election was stolen from chomskysright on DU (3/19/05)
Did you know? Hispanics "overlooked" in Florida's felon scrubbing program. from Carola on DU (3/19/05)
ChoicePoint saga continues... from GettysBergII on DU (03/06/05)
Cobb+Badnarik+Kerry/Edwards add TAMPERING to the Civil Suit from IceBerg on DU (3/18/05)
A Succinct Summary of the 2004 Presidential Election from kevin_pdamerica (3/14/05)
Republicans continue efforts to make it harder for students to vote from berniew1 on DU (3/12/05)
LexisNexis, (owner of Seisint and MATRIX) has database hacked into from GettysbergII (3/10/05)
Jesse Jackson: Republicans maneuvering to get Voting Rights Act killed from Wilms (3/08/05)
The sun revolves around the Earth and George W. Bush won the election in Ohio by Bob Fitrakis, freepress.org (3/08/05)
Psychics predict election fraud scandal from garybeck (3/05/05)
Teresa Heinz Kerry "openly skeptical about results from November election" from Land Shark (3/07/05)
Voting glitches haunt statistician from buddysmellgood (3/04/05)
Voting a straight party ticket DOES NOT include a vote for president in: from berniew1 (03/04/05)
Solar Bus Election Legislation Reference
20 Amazing Facts about Voting in the USA from mod mom (3/01/05)
College vote suppressed by Repubs all over U.S.- why didn't Media cover? from berniew1 (2/28/05)
BREAKING: Kerry/Edwards File More Ohio Election Motions from William Pitt (2/24/05)
"My Election 2004 bad dream" - By JOSH MITTELDORF (Tue Apr-26-05)
Kerry still working on stolen election. If this is true, it's good news. - Amaryllis (Thu Apr-21-05)
14 house, senate races won by computer fraud in 2002, and more... -Amaryllis (Wed Apr-20-05)
Clint Curtis passes polygraph exam - garybeck (Wed Apr-13-05)
Silence of the Scams: Psychological Resistance to Facing Election Fraud - Fly by night (Fri Apr-15-05)
Let's assume Congress and President were not elected. Now what. - SophieZ (Wed Apr-13-05)
Huge disapproval of Bush & his policies points to election fraud - Peace Patriot (Sat Apr-09-05)
What is our best evidence/indicators of HOW it was stolen? - tommcintyre (Mon Apr-25-05)
How Blackwell and Petro Saved Bush’s Brain: And the rise of the right wing juggernaut in Ohio - Bob Fitrakis (April 27, 2005)
Why people don't know about the stolen election - 17 techniques - helderheid (Mon May-02-05)
Gutless DNC. No "smoking gun"? Nothing to investigate? - Filius Nullius (Tue May-03-05)
The ACTUAL reason why no one knows this election was stolen. - libertypirate (Tue May-03-05)
Rove says win due to GOPs "largely INVISIBLE grass-roots effort" in Ohio - dzika (Wed May-04-05)
National Election Reform Conference Inspires Attendees - by Vickie Karp
The Biggest Story of Our Lives - Jim Lampley (05.10.2005)
Revisiting the Biggest Story of Our Lives - Jim Lampley (05.25.2005)
Tom Ridge admits color coded alerts were manipulated, a study and a graph. (5/22/05)
Ohio 2004 : Ignoring the Canary by Rep. John Conyers (5/12/05)
GOP "Voter Fraud" Talking Points - demodonkey (Thu May-19-05)
"Coingate"/Lucas County BOE Investigation connection: smoking gun? by mod mom (Thu May-12-05)
Gutless DNC. No "smoking gun"? Nothing to investigate? by Filius Nullius (Tue May-03-05)
Our Evidence vs. Their Evidence by TruthIsAll (Sat May-07-05)
Exposing the Myths: One by One by TruthIsAll (Sat May-21-05)
WAKE the F*CK UP: **Stop Election Fraud** - Bellaciao (Wednesday 25th May 2005)
Remember Why We Really Lost In ’04? - By Allen Snyder ( May 30, 2005)
Conyers' Blog: Let's Not Forget Ohio - Wilms (Tue May-31-05)
John Edwards: "I gotta get this off my chest. - MelissaB (Thu Jun-02-05)
A way to frame the issue. - garybeck (Tue Jun-07-05)
OH Dem says BWC scandal ilegalities put PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IN QUESTION! - (Thursday, June 9, 2005)
Introduction: Did George W. Bush steal America's 2004 election? by Bob Fitrakis(June 16, 2005)
Why the Democrats Will Keep Losing By Steven Hill, Mother Jones (June 10, 2005)
America's Ministry of Propaganda Exposed By Gar Smith / The-Edge (November 7, 2003)
Voter Confidence Resolution - EXCELLENT! (Saturday, April 23, 2005)
DNC announces National Lawyers Council for election reform by Carolab (Sat Jun-11-05)
How the Bush Crime Syndicate Funneled Foreign Cash Into the U.S. Political System by Wayne Madsen (Sat Jun-11-05)
The Coverup that Cost the Election: Ohio GOP knew of huge loss in October (Sat Jun-11-05)
Democracy at Risk: The 2004 Election in Ohio - DNC (June 22, 2005) Full Report (.pdf)
What the DNC Ohio Election Report failed to address: My letter to H. Dean by Time for change (Sun Jun-26-05)
John Gideon: Corporate Control of the Election Process - FreePress.org (Wed Jun-22-05)
Conversation with Bob Fitrakis, Author of "Did George W. Bush Steal America's 2004 Election" - (Sun Jun-19-05)
The Theft of Your Vote is Merely a Microchip Away - By Thom Hartmann, Berkeley Daily Planet ((8/1/2003)
"Phony GOP 'Voting Rights' Group ACVR Continues Attempts at Defrauding American Voters" - BradBlog (6/22/2005)
15 Things Learned About Bush&Co.: An Impeachment List - By Bernard Weiner ( June 28, 2005)
With a limp election theft report, Dems prove why they're unworthy - by Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis (June 28, 2005)
The DNC 2004 Election Report: An indictment of incompetence - by Steven Rosenfeld and Bob Fitrakis (June 25, 2005)
What to say to this: "We've never unseated a war time president" - tommcintyre (Wed Jun-29-05)
Millions of Mysterious Dollars Paid by RNC Team Bush to Sproul & Associates- Blogged by Brad (6/30/2005)
Election Assessment Hearing - (Wednesday, June 29 2005)
An Open Letter to John Tanner, Chief, Voting Section, U.S. Department of Justice- Bob Fitrakis (July 2, 2005)
DNC Ohio Election Report data were obtained from BLACKWELL!!! Hmmm... - Nothing Without Hope (Thu Jun-30-05)
I figured out the coverup!!! The DLC Colluded with the fraud, on purpose! - LightningFlash (Thu Jun-30-05)
Reminder: The Truth started to become known November 2, 2004. (Excellent post!) LightningFlash (Sun Jul-03-05)
Southern politician speaks out on election fraud - MelissaB (Sun Jul-03-05)
Comparison of the Kerry - Fingerhut - Connaly vote in the 2004 OH election - Time for change (Mon Jul-04-05)
Response from researchers who contributed to the DNC OH Election Report -Time for change (Wed Jul-06-05)
Could funds stolen in Iraq have been used to finance GOP in 2004? - spooked (Wed Jul-06-05)
Pastor: “I don’t need to know how the machines were hacked” (EAH report) EXCELLENT POST! Amaryllis (Wed Jul-06-05)
UIC Prof's Statistical Analysis Casts Doubt on '04 Election Result - Twist_U_Up (Thu Jul-07-05)
Our Evidence vs. Their Evidence - TruthIsAll (Sat May-07-05)
Coingate and Bush connections - MelissaB (Sun Jul-10-05)
Here's what the Carter Center said about our election system in 2004 -MelissaB (Tue Jul-12-05)
Handbook for Ohio Voter Activists, Version 2.0 - tommcintyre (Wed Jul-13-05)
THE UNANSWERED QUESTION: WHO REALLY WON IN 2004? -autorank (Thu Jul-14-05)
Bush is the only person to win without NY and CA - KingFlorez (Fri Jul-15-05)
US Count Votes: new version of Working Paper (Updated June 26, 2005) - eomer (Sat Jul-02-05)
What happened to the massive new Democrat voter registration in Ohio 2004? - Time for change (Sun Jul-17-05)
Congresswoman McKinney Reveals Shocking Data on Diebold and Elections in Georgia - Fly by night (Wed Jul-20-05)
Florida, Ohio, Baghdad - Columbus (Mon Jul-18-05)
Harper's Forum Thursday: WHAT WENT WRONG IN OHIO> - Stephanie (Wed Jul-20-05)
Marriage-Gate (Did Bush steal the Election through Bigotry?) - ck4829 (Wed Jul-20-05)
Bush, Schwarz dismal approval ratings, and election fraud - Peace Patriot (Thu Jul-21-05)
None dare call it stolen - Ohio, the election, and America's servile press by Mark Crispin Miller (July 24, 2005)
The Clint Curtis / Tom Feeney / Yang Enterprises Vote-Rigging Scandal (Key Articles in the Series)
Rightwingers, 'News' Sites Fall Hook, Line & Sinker for ACVR Scam Report- BradBlog (8/3/2005)
OH MY OHIO: Bernadette Noe Said Complicit in Gaming 2004 Elections - BradBlog (8/1/2005)
"Coingate" and the GOP theft of the 2004 presidential election. by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman (July 29, 2005)
What if NY Times was right about massive Dem. increase in OH voter reg.? - Time for change (Fri Jul-22-05)
HIGHLY IRREGULAR - The Ohio election story is going to come back. By Matt Taibbi, NYPress ( Sat Jul-23-05)
Suit filed RE: Ohio elections - mod mom (Thu Jul-28-05)
HOW TO REGAIN CLEAN ELECTIONS: A "We the People" Uprising - Kip Humphrey (Sun Jul-31-05)
Mr. Gonzales, Read this re Ohio Fraud:
- mod mom (Mon Aug-01-05)
Gonzales clears Ohio of Election Fraud! (Can you believe this???) - Carolab (Sun Jul-31-05)
Did the GOP steal another Ohio Election? - by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman (August 5, 2005)
Republican Blogger Suggest 'Fraud' a 'Possibility' in Clermont County... - BradBlog (8/5/2005)
ON THE ROPES -Don't expect much noise from the Democrats over Ohio. -By Matt Taibbi, NYPress (8/5/2005)
Phony GOP 'Voting Rights' Group Delivers Onslaught of Disinfo Today! - BradBlog (8/2/2005)
John Kerry and George W. Bush are both Skull and Bones members! Interesting...
Investigation into the 2004 US Election - Center for Cooperative Research
OHIO: 2004 vs. 2000 Judicial vs. Presidential Votes - Bill Bored (Mon Aug-08-05)
Canada is singing our song: "Election Fraud Continues in the US" - MelissaB (Fri Aug-12-05)
What if the Democrats Continue to Fail and America Falls? -OpEdNews (Sat Aug-13-05)
No Paper Trail Left Behind: The Theft of the 2004 Presidential Election - By Dennis Loo, Ph.D. Cal Poly Pomona (August 2005)
"ACVR, America's Fake 'Voting Rights' Group, Enlists Fake 'Democrat' to Shill for Fake 'Election Fraud' Report!" - BradBlog (8/8/2005)
about those white stickers...... - garybeck (Wed Aug-24-05)
Ohio Governor's ethics violations expose money trail to stolen 2004 election - by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman (August 30, 2005)
Citizens Request Recount in San Diego Mayoral Race - "Enron by the Sea" - raw story (Thursday August 18, 2005)
What They Did Last Fall by PAUL KRUGMAN (August 19, 2005)
Electronic Vote Switching from Kerry to Bush - 9:1 swing state ratio - Time for change (Fri Aug-19-05)
Don't Prettify Our History By Paul Krugman (Monday 22 August 2005)
Extensive online book: "Vote Fraud And Election Issues" - tommcintyre (Sun Aug-21-05)
The Bombs in the Basement - Ernest Partridge, Co-Editor - The Crisis Papers (August 22, 2005)
The Veteran Of Fallujah Defeated By OH's Humidity -autorank (Tuesday, 23 August 2005)
Dear Dr. Dean: - TruthIsAll (Wed Jun-29-05)
MUST READ: Keefer, Fitrakis, Baiman, Simon, Freeman, Mealy - TruthIsAll (Sun Aug-14-05)
"Elections in Crisis" - Bev Harris, Bob Fitrakis, OAKLAND 9/13 - GuvWurld (Sat Aug-27-05)

The National Summit to Save Our Elections Convenes in Portland, Oregon - Report By DU & PI Poster autorank ( Oct. 3 2005)
Iraq Elections Fixed? - Robert F. Worth NYT (October 4th, 2005)
Afghan Election Rife with Fraud - Carlotta Gall NYT (October 3rd, 2005)
Legal Battle for 2004 Recount Continues in New Mexico - by David Edwards (9/06/2005)
More Trouble for Diebold, This Time in Georgia... - Brad Friedman (9/27/2005)
2004 Election Ranked #3 on List of Stories Ignored by Mainstream Media - Winter Patriot on the BradBlog (9/22/2005)
Diebold's Tough Luck, VR's Promise, and a New Ad for America from the Velvet Revolution... - BradBlog (9/23/2005)
DIEB-THROAT Weighs in on Diebold's Stunning 15.5% Wednesday Stock Plunge - BradBlog (9/22/2005)
Sham Baker/Carter Election Reform Commission Releases Report - BradBlog (9/22/2005)
California Election Protection Network - (10/04/2005)
DIEB-THROAT : 'Diebold System One of Greatest Threats Democracy Has Ever Known' - BradBlog (9/15/2005)
A Quick-ish DIEB-THROAT Follow-up... - BradBlog (9/18/2005)
Clint Curtis Rebuilds Prototype!! This must get out!! - by KerryReallyWon on DU (Wed Sep-07-05)
Article : raising more questions about the 2004 recount. - FogerRox on DU (Fri Sep-09-05)
FEMA Chief Brown Paid Millions in False Claims to Help Bush Win Fla. Votes in '04 By Jason Leopold (Sat Sep-10-05)
What if NY Times was right about massive Dem. increase in OH voter reg.? - Time for change on DU (Fri Jul-22-05)
NVRI: Federal Judge Sets Expedited Schedule for Lawsuit (Ohio!) - eomer on DU (Sat Sep-17-05)
EAC has interpreted HAVA to require paper records for recounts! - Bill Bored on DU (Sat Sep-17-05)
How the GOP Stole America's 2004 Election and Is Rigging 2008 - By Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman (9/20/2005)
Paper trails are NOT the answer - Mark Crispin Miller (9/20/2005)
“Election Weekend Act of 2005,” - Congressman Mike Honda (4/18/2005)
A MUST READ -- Bob Fleischer: Software IS a Problem - AtLiberty on DU (Fri Sep-23-05)
Citizens' Commission to Counter Carter-Baker - Voter Voices Documented! - demodonkey on DU (Thu Sep-22-05)
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Who's Counting goes LIVE! - jen4clark on DU (Tue Sep-27-05)
Carter says Gore won 2000 election - John Byrne RAW STORY (9/22/2005)
DNC Report Conclusion of “No Widespread Fraud” in Ohio Election Disputed - Time for change on DU (Tue Sep-27-05)
Citizens Disagree Vehemently With the Findings of the Baker-Carter Comm. Final Election Report - autorank on DU (Wed Sep-28-05)
Freeman vs Mitofsky debate! - Melissa G on DU (Mon Sep-26-05)
New Mexico lawsuit update - garybeck - SolarBus.org (Thu Sep-29-05)
The Importance of Election Reform AND Exposing the 2004 Election - Time for change on DU (Mon Oct-03-05)
Ernest Partridge: While the Iron is Hot (emphasizes election fraud) - AtLiberty on DU (Tue Oct-04-05)
Panel: E-voting vulnerable By Anne Broache, CNET News.com (10-07-05)
Research and Commentary on the 2004 US Presidential Election (Steve Freeman)
Mediastudy.com : Academic Papers & Studies Questioning 2004 Voting Anomalies & MORE (11/30/05)
A Discussion with Mark Crispin Miller on Democratic Underground (11-05-05)
Eye On Ohio: The Informed Citizen's Guide to the 2004 Election (11-30-05)
Ballot and Soul : Democracy needs a revolution every generation By ROBERT C. KOEHLER (October 6, 2005)
OH: Republican Mole at Toledo Blade Spiked Coingate in Jan 2004 - autorank on DU (Thu Oct-06-05)
Electionline report on recounts (Thursday, October 06, 2005)
Touchscreen Voting Increases Annual Election Costs by 40% (Mon Oct-10-05)
Beware of PURGES! - mod mom on DU (Mon Oct-10-05)
Michael Shnayerson, Vanity Fair: The Election 4/04 - AtLiberty on DU (Wed Oct-12-05)
Time Line of Exit Poll Irregularities Election 2004: Dopp and Freeman - Stevepol on DU (Sat Oct-22-05)
MONKEY BUSINESS - A look at vote-counting mischief and the potential for more by Miriam Raftery ( 10/19/05)
Steve Freeman Summary of Debate - Melissa G on DU (Thu Oct-20-05)
Why can't the left face the Stolen Elections of 2004 & 2008? by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman (October 18, 2005)
Is election reform bad for your health? by Carolab on DU (Fri Oct-28-05)
Watergate-style money laundering indictments stoke Ohio's stolen election by kster on DU (Fri Oct-28-05)
What does Judy Miller have to do with Bush's reelection? MelissaB on DU (Sat Oct-29-05)
New Math PROOF that ESI/Mitofsky Logic is Invalid (Not Correct) - sunshinekathy on DU (Sat Oct-29-05)
Ohio Precinct-level Exit Poll Data Show Virtually Irrefutable Evidence of Vote Miscount sunshinekathy (Wed Nov-02-05)
GOP challenges rights of hundreds of voters (WA) - cal04 on DU ( Sat Nov-05-05)
SHYING AWAY FROM DEMOCRACY - Land Shark on DU (Sat Nov-05-05)
Why they went after Kevin Shelley and what it means for CA elections - Amaryllis on DU (Sun Nov-06-05)
Emergency warning to poll workers from cyber scientists on election day - Amaryllis on DU (Mon Nov-07-05)
Crime Report: Los Angeles Denies Public Access to Central Tabulator - Einsteinia on DU (Wed Nov-09-05)
disconnect between the pre-election polls and the "reported" election results in Ohio on Issue 1 vs. Issues 2-5 - (Wed Nov-09-05)
Is Los Angeles Above the Law? - Einsteinia (Sat Nov-05-05)
A Crime Without a Name By ROBERT C. KOEHLER (November 10, 2005)
What John Kerry said about 2004’s stolen election... killing American democracy by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman (11-10-05)
Update on purging of > 100 K voters from Cuyahoga Co. voter roles - Time for change (Wed Nov-09-05)
State plans to investigate voting chaos; Tuesday's problems are latest for Lucas County - OH - althecat (Thu Nov-10-05)
With Diebold,you tweak to 'get the reports you need' - Algorem on DU (Fri Nov-11-05)
MSM locally Quotes voter: Sequoia E-voting makes us "another Florida" - Land Shark on DU (Fri Nov-11-05)
Fitrakis & Wasserman discuss Ohio's referendum electronic "defeats" - AtLiberty on DU (Sat Nov-12-05)
BradBlog: Plaintiffs Suddenly Blocked in New Mexico '04 Election Lawsuit - Nothing Without Hope on DU (Sat Nov-12-05)
The Staggeringly Impossible Outcome for Ohio's '05 Election - lizzieforkerry on DU (Sun Nov-13-05)
Green Party Call: Put HEAT on Media to Cover GAO Report on Election Fraud - IndyOp on DU (Thu Nov-17-05)
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Bush LOST. RESIGN Now. New TruthIsAll - autorank on DU (Tue Nov-22-05)
Subject: Bush is ILLIGITIMATE. Could NOT win without fraud. Challenge me - autorank on DU (Mon Oct-10-05)
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(Brad Friedman) MSM to American Democracy: Drop Dead - MelissaB on DU (Fri Nov-04-05)
the GAO report on e-voting and e-counting at a glance for busy folks - freedomfries on DU (Sat Nov-05-05)
Trouble with voting Machines in Virginia - M_Demo_M on DU (Tue Nov-08-05)
Parallels Between the JFK Assassination and the 2004 Presidential Election - Time for change on DU (Fri Nov-25-05)
BREAKING: Florida Improperly Certified Diebold TSX - AmBlue on DU (Mon Nov-28-05)
Fitrakis and Wasserman to brief Congressional Progressives - emlev on DU (Mon Nov-28-05)
Election theft Makes "top ten" stories ignored by media in 2005 - kster on DU (Thu Dec-01-05)
Channel the TRUTH: Gore won. Kerry won. Naysayer heads will explode now - autorank on DU (Thu Dec-01-05)
Bradblog: Diebold certified in NC after all by former Diebold rep! - Amaryllis on DU (Thu Dec-01-05)
Mark Crispin Miller Connects the Dots on Election Problems - Buzzflash! (January 16, 2006)
Mark Crispin Miller Connects the Dots on Election Problems part 2 - Buzzflash! (February 9, 2006)
Diebolding NC - the timeline,cronies, ties to NC corruption investigation - WillYourVoteBCounted on DU (Sun Dec-04-05)
Sign the Voter Confidence Petition in Support of H.R. 550
RawStory: Diebold insider alleges company plagued by technical woes... wilms on DU (12-07-05)
Bradblog: Potential securities fraud class action lawsuit against Diebold - amarylis on DU (12-07-05)
Red State NC Fights Back against Diebold! Another Lawsuit Filed! - KoKo01 on DU (12-13-05)
Wally O'Dell, Diebold CEO, resigns! - garybeck on DU (12-15-05)
Best website I've ever seen on voting system company sleaziness... - amaryllis on DU (12-13-05)
Coup d'etat Redux in Ohio! - Einsteinia on DU ( Dec-12-05)
Leon County dumps Diebold!!! BBV Breaking News!!! - Einsteinia on DU ( Dec-16-05)
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Crisis Papers: Dear Howard Dean -- Why Bother? - AtLiberty on DU (Dec-14-05)
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High court observers see (Texas) redistricting case as pivotal - papau on DU (Dec-14-05)
Voting system said to fail - kster on DU (Dec-16-05)
OH: New Blackwell Directive: No More RANDOM recounts - mod mom on DU (Dec-16-05)
Brad Blog: Volusia County, FL Dumps Diebold Too! - understandinglife (Dec-16-05)
Who's counting the votes ? - kster on DU (Dec-17-05)
HuffPo - Avi Rubin: The Dirty Little Secrets of Voting System Testing Labs - Wilms on DU (Dec-17-05)
dkos: voter suppression expert nominated to the FEC! Who are the others? - freedomfries (Dec-26-05)
200% Voter Turnout in Alaska - Blue_In_AK on DU (Dec-21-05)
NH: Doing time for election fraud!!! NH Republican - autorank on DU (Dec-20-05)
AK: Democrats question (2004) vote results - Tabulation method...doubted - wilms on DU (Dec-21-05)
Fixing Elections for Fun and Profit - Wilms (Dec-21-05)
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How to Count Thousands of Paper Ballots by Hand - Wilms (Dec-30-05)
Mark Crispin Miller: Why Dems are in denial about the stolen election - Amaryllis (Jan-02-06)
Deborah Bowen (CA Dem4SoS) throws down gauntlet on secret vote counting! - Peace Patriot (Dec-31-05)
The Crisis Papers: In 2006, Voting Fraud is the Keystone Issue - AtLiberty (Jan-10-06)
A Chat with Lance deHaven-Smith: Al Gore really did beat George W. Bush - Wilms (Jan-09-06)
Brad Blog: Bob Ney of Ohio's Connection To Electoral Fraud - AtLiberty (Jan-10-06)
The Gun Is Smoking! Election Archive Releases Analysis of OH! - Stevepol (Jan-21-06)
The Harri Hursti Hack And Its Importance To Our Nation - AtLiberty (Feb-09-06)
Evidence of Fraud and Disenfranchisement in Ohio, 2004 : A Partial List - Wilms (Jan-19-06)
Mark Crispin Miller: Why Won't The Media Touch My Book? - althecat (Jan-25-06)
New Method for Flagging Vote Miscount Released - ramblin_dave (Jan-21-06)
Grand Theft Election Ohio.com - McCamy Taylor (Jan-21-06)
Internet conspiracy theorists, take a bow. The Great WahPoo Acknowledges U - wilms (Jan-24-06)
Goodbye Terry Gross, we never knew ye—on liberal media denial - MelissaB (Jan-23-06)
Stop the Lies, Fight the Fix: Don't Let Them Hide the Bodies - wilms (Jan-23-06)
Did NSA help Bush hack the vote? - IndyOp (Jan-24-06)
You think democracy is dead in OH? Get a load of PA! - Bill Bored (Jan-26-06)
State (AK) Refuses to Release Public Records-Claims Diebold Data is Proprietary - Wilms (Feb-07-06)
Study of Provisionals in Cleveland - mod mom (Jan-25-06)
In Response to Hursti Hack, MD Election Admin. Expresses ‘Great Concern’ - Wilms (Feb-08-06)
The government spied on me because I was protesting the stolen election - Kip Humphrey (Jan-28-06)
Looks like Bill Richardson (NM) has turned into a lion for paper ballot!! - Stevepol (Jan-29-06)
Pentagon Seeks Power Over Elections in Arizona - Wilms (Jan-30-06)
FREE PRESS: OH GOP Poised to Gut Election Protection - mod mom (Feb-07-06)
(Lynn Landes) Voting Systems Lawsuit Reaches U.S. Supreme Court - Wilms (Feb-07-06)
AZ: FBI seizes ballots in close '04 legislative race - Wilms (Feb-03-06)
"I Saw it Hacked"....Eye witness to election fraud - autorank (Jan-25-06)
DUers "Bush Cheated" video now up at Huffington Post. - bleever (Feb-06-06)
Election Tampering "at the Behest of...State...Federal Republican Parties" - wilms (Feb-05-06)
Revote in Ohio After More Votes Than Voters Recorded on Diebold Machines - Wilms (Feb-07-06)
Election officials fear '06 season of the glitch - Wilms (Feb-06-06)
Diebold Reserves Right to "Manipulate the Data" Before Releasing it! - Amaryllis (Feb-10-06)
The GOP cares very much about minorities voting. - Wilms (Feb-07-06)
Maureen Farrell.... Beautifully Sums Up The Election Fraud Consipracy... - althecat (Feb-10-06)
Proposed law in NJ to outlaw paper ballots - FogerRox (Feb-10-06)
State (Alaska) to turn over voting files from 2004 to Democrats - Blue_In_AK (Feb-11-06)
NJ Appeals Court Reinstates Lawsuit Challenging Electronic Voting - Wilms (Feb-13-06)
Pressure on Diebold and the Stolen 04 Election on Daily Kos - mod mom (Feb-13-06)
IMPORTANT: The Effects of PURGES in Franklin Co., Ohio: - mod mom (Feb-18-06)
Andrew Gumbel: How to Steal an Election (Excerpt) - AtLiberty (Feb-16-06)
Hackett has election stolen then betrayed by Party - autorank (Feb-16-06)
UNCERTIFIED! (Maryland) - Bill Bored (Feb-18-06)
SHIT!!! Diebold to be certified in CA ... with yet-unstated conditions. - nicknameless (Feb-21-06)
Despite Illegalities, Diebold Election Machines Certified In CA- GuvWurld ( Feb-19-06)
Wisconsin Approves the Vote-PAD Assistive Device - kster (Feb-18-06)
Now the Onus is on Counties and Diebold to Risk Multi-Million $ Lawsuits - Wilms (Feb-20-06)
3. AZ: Maricopa County (Phoenix) – Huge Republican Election Fraud Scandal - kster (Feb-22-06)
Is The GOP "Shock-The-Vote Gang" Planning to Heist California? - AtLiberty (Feb-21-06)
Hang On...: Cobb Demands Reinstatement of Ohio Recount Lawsuit - Wilms (Feb-23-06)
Designed for "Failure"? Discovery of Diebold's Bugs & Cryptographic Key - nicknameless (Feb-24-06)
Watchdog Group Questions 2004 Fla. Vote (+) - kster (Feb-24-06)
We Need Help in Confirming Election Fraud in Cleveland 2004 - Time for change (Feb-25-06)
two new Supreme Court cases will affect future elections: - Nothing Without Hope (Feb-26-06)
To Ignore Is To Participate - Notes from the Hawaiian Trenches - Wilms (Feb-28-06)
Why do Americans refuse to face Election Fraud, and malign those who do? - Amaryllis (Feb-27-06)
Diebold Whistleblower Facing Three Felony Counts - freedomfries (Feb-27-06)
BRADBLOG: AZ Election Official's Diebold Tirade Caught on Tape - mod mom (Feb-27-06)
Cleveland Audit Reveals Vote Count Discrepancy in Bush’s Favor–Need Help! - Time for change (Mar-03-06)
Did 308,000 cancelled Ohio voter registrations put Bush back in the White - kster (Mar-03-06)
WOW! ** CA's Sen Bowen Rips rethug SoS over Diebold Certification ** (3/1) - nicknameless (Mar-02-06)
We lost a Big One in PA today...And I can't figure out how... - Junkdrawer (Mar-04-06)
A Plan to Elect the President by Popular Vote - SuperWonk (Mar-03-06)
DIEBOLD - 2008 "The fix is in" - Moscow Times - kster (Mar-04-06)
"Definitive Proof" of Election Fraud? - LongTomH (Mar-06-06)
AP picks up Sancho story today ! This is MSM reporting, guys! Don't faint. - Amaryllis (Mar-05-06)
Florida newspaper finds thousands of mysterious entries in voter database - seafan (Mar-07-06)
5.4 million Americans disenfranchised - SophieZ (Mar-06-06)
Exit polls 2004 discrepancies made quick & EASY for the math impaired ! - Amaryllis (Mar-08-06)
Bradblog: VERY good news RE: Diebold in MD! Go get 'em, gov & MD house! - Amaryllis (Mar-06-06)
Miami Herald: Election official hammered for telling truth about Diebold - Amaryllis (Mar-08-06)
Shit. FIRST STOLEN ELECTION OF 2006: Voting Machine Problems in TX... - IndyOp (Mar-08-06)
"Why should we trust the results of elections?" David Dill - kpete (Mar-08-06)
"NO, YES, NO: Alaska Now Refuses Release of 2004 Election Data Citing Security Concerns!" - BradBlog (2/24/06)
"Why do Diebold's Touch-Screen Voting Machines Have Built-In Wireless Infrared Data Transfer Ports?" - BradBlog (2/22/06)
An Appearance of Guilt - By Ernest Partridge, The Crisis Papers (March 7, 2005)
Hart InterCivic Whistleblower Warned of Texas, Ohio E-Voting 'Fraud' Concerns in 2004! - BradBlog (3/13/2006)
High-tech voting hits snags - Chicago Tribune (March 21, 2006)
Sequoia E-Vote Systems Found 'Hackable' in PA, Testing Shut Down After Machine Failures! - BradBlog (3/30/2006)
The new face of apartheid: J. Kenneth Hackwell - Bob Fitrakis (March 30, 2006)
TrueVote MD releases docs detailing Diebold failures, violations of law - Amaryllis (Mar-08-06)
Third elections worker indicted over presidential recount - kster (Mar-09-06)
Star-Telegram front page: computer "glitch" -- election - antigop (Mar-09-06)
FL: Ion Sancho Initiates Legal Proceedings Against Diebold - Wilms (Mar-08-06)
Gov. Jeb Bush, S.o.S. Sue Cobb threaten Leon Co. election takeover! - Steve A Play (Mar-08-06)
St. Pete Times: "No conspiracy needed to support paper trail" -MSM, guys! - Amaryllis (Mar-13-06)
Isn't "computer glitch" just the most outrageous euphemism for "rigged?" - Amaryllis (Mar-10-06)
Elections Forum Friends of TruthIsAll, Please Go Here - autorank (Mar-10-06)
Can an SoS legally disseminate information known to be false? - Wilms (Mar-10-06)
New Yorker: The Popular Vote Issue - SuperWonk (Mar-10-06)
Maryland House votes to oust Diebold machines
- FogerRox (Mar-10-06)
Brad: 3rd OH election official indicted on charges of gaming '04 recount- Amaryllis (Mar-10-06)
Brad:MD House Votes 137 to 0 to Ban Diebold Touch-Screens in 2006! - Amaryllis (Mar-11-06)
Diebold ExpressPoll 4000 - MGKrebs (Mar-11-06)
Yet Another Theft Of Voter Data From A Local Democratic Party HQ - Mister Ed (Mar-12-06)
VIDEO - ACLU Premiers 'Voting Rights' Documentary - dzika (Mar-13-06)
Brad:New voting machine co. whistleblower speaks out; TX primary afftected - Amaryllis (Mar-13-06)
VoteTrustUSA - Electronic Voting Machines: Programmed for Failure? - Wilms (Apr-01-06)
Koehler: What price will we extract from hero of democracy? (Heller) - Amaryllis (Mar-13-06)
An Analogous Event to the Warren County "Lockdown" - Colombia 1998 - Time for change (Mar-15-06)
Stop the Election Day cheating -- Steinback in Today's Miami Herald!!! - KaryninMiami (Mar-16-06)
WTF: "Toggle switch glitch likely caused some ballots to be counted twice" - Wilms (Mar-17-06)
WaPo: "How to steal an election" (Steve Freeman) Is MSM getting it? - Amaryllis (Mar-28-06)
Utah Election Auditor discovers Diebold real and potential problems - papau (Mar-19-06)
IN: Centralized Registration Database PROBLEMS. Test May 2nd. - autorank (Mar-20-06)
Chi-Town E-Voting Meltdown -- 414 Memory Cartridges Missing - AtLiberty (Mar-24-06)
Electoral Dysfunction - Official Exposes Gaping Flaw - Get's Ignored - Wilms (Mar-23-06)
Chicago Tribune reporting many problems with Sequoia machines in Illinois - xray s (Mar-23-06)
Election Whistle-Blower Stymied by Vendors (From the Washington Post!) - MelissaB (Mar-28-06)
How Elections Became a Criminal Enterprise - Amaryllis (Mar-26-06)
Just saw last Tuesday's Montel show - ACTION ALERT VOTING MACHINES >>> - helderheid (Mar-21-06)
A Repeat of Election Fraud 2004 Must Be Prevented in 2006 and 2008 - Time for change (Mar-25-06)
Political Notebook: Author argues elections bigger gamble than slots - NVMojo (Mar-28-06)
USA TODAY Front Page Report is a Big Step - Senator (Mar-28-06)
Choice Point in CA?! THOUSANDS already kicked off of voter rolls.- nicknameless (Mar-30-06)
Conyers endorses Bonifaz for Secretary of Commonwealth!!!!!!! - paineinthearse (Mar-29-06)
CA's rethug SoS made a deal with bush to eliminate eligible voters!! - nicknameless (Mar-31-06)
Bob Koehler quotes Land Shark in his column! "Faith Based Voting" - Amaryllis (Mar-29-06)
Election Fraud Tip; The Doomsday Device for Democracy -- A How To - Land Shark (Apr-03-06)
"Touch Screen Voting Isn't the Right Answer" Balt.Sun-This is really good!- Amaryllis (Apr-01-06)
MIT Professors who dismissed election fraud charges in FL & OH funded by right-wing thinktanks? - nicknameless (Mar-31-06)
Brad Blog: Wingnuts Concerned Re E-Voting- Hugo Chavez May Own Sequoia - Humor_In_Cuneiform (Apr-02-06)
Things that SHOULD make Republican voters go 'Hmmmmm' ... - NanceGreggs (Mar-29-06)
Introduction: Did George W. Bush steal America's 2004 election? by Bob Fitrakis(June 16, 2005)
No Paper Trail Left Behind: The Theft of the 2004 Presidential Election - By Dennis Loo, Ph.D. Cal Poly Pomona (August 2005)
None Dare Call It Stolen: Ohio, the election, and America's servile press - Mark Crispin Miller (Wednesday, September 7, 2005)
The Harri Hursti Hack And Its Importance To Our Nation - AtLiberty (Feb-09-06)
How They Stole Ohio : The GOP 4-step Recipe to 'Blackwell' the USA in 2008 - Buzzflash (June 2, '06)
Was the 2004 Election Stolen? BY ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR. - Rolling Stone Magazine (June 1, '06)


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