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“Huntington Beach quartet Lazy Preacher imbue rock with a no-worries amble … and these dudes write songs that ooze a sweet wistfulness … like Beachwood Sparks’ melting-euphoria melodicism.”


“Lazy Preacher reheat their own game by sounding at once like a vintage Velvet Underground cut and a brand new Shins B-side … sing-songy verses abound, making for an American counterpoint to Sub Pop’s acid folk funkateers Jennifer Gentle … with a burst of Flaming Lips absurdism.”


“… their music is good enough to warrant many listens … there are bits of country and alternative and reggae all wrapped up with some fascinating lyrics and catchy melodies. Well worth the effort.  Take it.”


“Self proclaimed acoustic acid rockers Lazy Preacher recently released their fourth studio LP, 4th and Independent.  The album begins with melodic, acoustic guitars that allow you to float away when coupled with the cloudy vocals of the lead singer. However, when you start to listen to the lyrics you realize that the climbing harmonies don’t offer any comfort like the music suggests … Halfway through the album you begin to wonder if you are ever going to come down … But hey, go ahead and shut those blinds, switch off the television, sit in your leather la-z-boy and pour yourself another pina colada because where you live, on 4th and Independent, you can wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket and feel warm and safe as the Lazy Preacher uses euphemistic music to tell you to ignore that unusual, insatiable hunger in your gut.”

“Lazy Preacher … have a solid acoustic sound with a stand-up bass and slight, simple drums and a gentle approach to their songs. There is a post mid-nineties grunge feel about Lazy Preacher, something that they carry well too.  The opening track, ‘The Only Excuse’ is a great start to the album and reflects all the strengths of the band, a well built song with nice guitar parts dribbled over it, a driving bass line and a big sing-a-long chorus.  The rest of the album continues with an acoustic, acid rock vibe … even with a cover of Nirvana’s, ‘On A Plain’.  Lazy Preacher are certainly very catchy, likeable and their big hitters are superb.”

– Americana UK