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“They are Orange County’s little secret, and that’s too bad. You might be tempted to call their music psychedelic folk, but putting labels on Lazy Preacher isn’t easy.  Let’s see… I’d put them somewhere between Beck and The Moody Blues.  How is that for a wide label. This new CD is more focused than “Fall Asleep When Awaking” and has a more consistent sound; nice acoustic guitar with good melodies and just enough strangeness to keep you on edge.  One of my favorite indie CDs of 2009.”

– The Promise

“Lazy Preacher’s sound on their fourth effort, the conveniently titled 4th & Independent, is tough to pin down. At times, as on opener “The Only Excuse”, they sound like a male fronted Rilo Kiley with all the same lyrical talent. “3 Spaced Out Days” is reminiscent of Modest Mouse’s most tender moments whilst “Hey Now” recalls The Shins. In fact, 4th & Independent resembles an encyclopaedic ‘who’s who’ of American Indie. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Indeed, quite the contrary, as Lazy Preacher succeed in proving on all twelve tracks here. To pique curiousity there are also original covers of Daniel Johnson’s “Silly Love” and Nirvana’s “On A Plain” – well worth a listen or two.”

– Leicester Bangs

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